Feb 05, 2019 by Captain Pickleball

Why We Love PickleBall

PickleBall has expanded our world in so many wonderful ways. We love the sport but most importantly, we love the people that play PickleBall and the great new friendships.

Nothing makes us happier than introducing someone to PickleBall and watching them get the PickleBall Bug.

Here's our Top Ten Reasons we Love PickleBall:

  1. Pure Fun- It's a high success sport that anyone can play
  2. Great Exercise - We play for a minimum of two hours and studies have shown you burn as many calories as doubles tennis
  3. New Friends- What sport can you walk on a court in open play and meet all new people and have fun?
  4. New Goals- Every day you play, you can always work on a new shot or strategy
  5. The Clothes- WOW, we get to buy fun jock clothes in really cool colors
  6. The Love- PickleBall players love the sport and will play as much as their aging bodies will let them
  7. The Tournaments- You can travel anywhere, get exercise, and see a new city with new people
  8. PickleBall Travel Trips- Of course, your first trip has to be to The Villages, the PickleBall Mecca, after that throw the paddle in your suitcase and play anywhere you visit.
  9. No Pain - Aging tennis players can avoid rotator cuff surgery (no overhead serves) and other injuries. Most PickleBall play is doubles and you can do your best to reduce injuries.
  10. The Name- It's annoying but it invites curiousity- then you can talk non-stop about Pickleball to a new audience. Because your regular friends are sure tired about hearing about it !

Tell us why you love PickleBall and we will add it to our list.